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Unique metal sculptures handmade in Australia. Suitable for indoors and outdoors these Teangi's sculptures feature nature and animals. Teangi also creates custom pet caricatures - immortalising your pet in steel.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The wonders of Whiskey

Meet the gorgeous 'Whiskey'. A Border Collie who was very much loved.
And who wouldn't love such a gorgeous dog with such a knack for sleeping up doorways! I am wondering if there are any doggie chiropractors out there?
If only I could have sculpted a doorway to go along with this piece.

Whiskey is no longer around although his memory now lives on in his very own metal tribute as he is my latest 'Sculpt my Pet' sculpture. And even better.... Whiskey is a Christmas present from a very loving grand daughter to her grandmother, Whiskey's human!

I am able to share this with you as Whiskey's human isn't the internet type... otherwise the surprise would have been spoilt! I cannot wait to hear how Whiskey is received from under the Christmas tree.
I am sure he will be a nice surprise - I certainly know that many people in the family have gone to a lot of trouble to find pictures of Whiskey, his collar and get me as much information as possible without the secret getting out.

It is always difficult hearing about the pets I sculpt that have passed away as I can truely understand what pain there must be when a fur-family member goes over to Rainbow Bridge. I hope this sculpture of Whiskey brings joy into his human's lives and reminds them of all the good times they had together.

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