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Unique metal sculptures handmade in Australia. Suitable for indoors and outdoors these Teangi's sculptures feature nature and animals. Teangi also creates custom pet caricatures - immortalising your pet in steel.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The wonders of Whiskey

Meet the gorgeous 'Whiskey'. A Border Collie who was very much loved.
And who wouldn't love such a gorgeous dog with such a knack for sleeping up doorways! I am wondering if there are any doggie chiropractors out there?
If only I could have sculpted a doorway to go along with this piece.

Whiskey is no longer around although his memory now lives on in his very own metal tribute as he is my latest 'Sculpt my Pet' sculpture. And even better.... Whiskey is a Christmas present from a very loving grand daughter to her grandmother, Whiskey's human!

I am able to share this with you as Whiskey's human isn't the internet type... otherwise the surprise would have been spoilt! I cannot wait to hear how Whiskey is received from under the Christmas tree.
I am sure he will be a nice surprise - I certainly know that many people in the family have gone to a lot of trouble to find pictures of Whiskey, his collar and get me as much information as possible without the secret getting out.

It is always difficult hearing about the pets I sculpt that have passed away as I can truely understand what pain there must be when a fur-family member goes over to Rainbow Bridge. I hope this sculpture of Whiskey brings joy into his human's lives and reminds them of all the good times they had together.

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Gidget gets im-metal-ised

Meet the gorgeous, demur Gidget.
She is the cutest of cute... but don't I say that about every dog I sculpt?  They are all very special...

Gidget is a Staffy x Bull Terrier and has a lot of love in her life ~ which is lucky as she has lived a lot of life. Gidget recently became a centenarian (in dog years... in human years she turned 13).  Appropriately Gidget celebrated her century at Centenary Park with some of her other fur buddies. 
So Gidget, being retired, spends a lot of her time lazing in the sun and sleeping. Her ball chasing days are over but she has always loved to chew on a bone and still does. Her method is similar to my dog, Bart's, method - a paw either side, a bone in the middle and life is pretty sweet!

It has been a pleasure to sculpt Gidget. She knows my work well... here she is pictured almost 2 years ago with a sheep that I made that now keeps her company in her back yard. 

So once again another little spot in my heart taken ~ this time with a girl named Gidget.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Gracie the Labradoodle - my latest 'Sculpt my Pet' commission

I do love to doodle... so I was lucky I got the opportunity to doodle a Labradoodle!

Recently I finished a commission for the gorgeous Gracie (pictured). Gracie is a 6 year old Labradoodle who has had health issues almost all her life. She has been very lucky to have found such a loving home as her 'pack' will stop at nothing to ensure she is happy and comfortable. Her mum even gave up her job so she could look after her - as a result the Natural Pet Store was born after Gracie's mum sought advice in natural therapies for Gracie's illness.

My CEO (and part time pet dog), Bart, has had the privellege of eating from the Natural Pet Store online store and he is very happy about it. Before finding the Natural Pet Store the postman was just fuel for a lot of barking and growling - now Bart sees that deliveries can sometimes be beneficial when food and treats arrive!

So back to the sculpture..... Gracie, due to her illness, spends a lot of time resting. So this is where the starting point had to be for me. I studied pictures of her sleeping and lazing about - this was hard as Gracie's mum also supplied some great pics of Gracie at the beach which HUGE smiles on her face! So the two came together - that gorgeous smile in a relaxed position. I hope this portrays all her beautiful characteristics.

The sculpture has ended up approximately 60cm in length and will be finding a place in Gracie's garden - the outdoor dog that Gracie's dad always wanted (as now Gracie is more than an indoor dog let me tell you!!!).

Gracie has a special place in my heart, as do all my 'Sculpt my Pet' commissions. I love to hear about their lives, albeit sometimes tough, what they like to do and how they spend play time. Its funny how many of these dogs I get to know have similar cute and funny habits as my boy Bart. Gracie and Bart both share a dislike for walking on wet grass... something that was also shared by a previous 'Sculpt my Pet' Gypsy! Aren't pets funny things? They certainly keep me amused!

I hope you like my version of the metal Gracie. I would love to hear your thoughts!


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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Guest Blogger - Robyn from Focus on Art

Today I am doing something a little different... sharing is caring afterall and us artists need to stick together!
The wonders of facebook have allowed me to find Robyn from Focus on Art. I love Robyn's creations and I think you will too. So enough from me... have a read about what Robyn does, what inspires her and just a little about who she is. This is just a snippet of what Robyn has to say - if you would like to read the full blog click here.


Robyn, what is it that you do?
I make assemblage sculptures, combining household objects, with a particular interest in kitchen objects, to create owls. In recent times I’ve begun to break the owl monopoly (I’ve now made over 400 owls!) and have added a couple of elephants and a cat (clock) to my repertoire. You can expect to see more and more of these over time. Apart from the unique feel they lend to each piece, using the discarded and obsolete gives me the satisfaction of helping to extend the life of items no longer needed for their original purpose rather than creating something from newly made raw materials — our planet only has so much it can give up.

What inspires you?
I love all things round. I love repurposing items and, in most cases, try to use items I salvage ‘whole’ in my pieces. I somehow prefer that — possibly as it’s more of a challenge or perhaps because the options are then more limited (as a Libran too many choices can lead to non action.) And metal. Metal has great properties, particularly when exposed to the elements, but also in interior situations. Those outside continue to evolve and surprise: who knew that shiny tray would rust so irregularly, or that dull silver would hold it’s finish so well? The ability for a little water to do so much damage to something so solid over time is somehow magical. Water seems so gentle, harmless.

How is it that you make these designs?

For the most part I select the various body parts for my works from an array of features spread out around me. These have been collected from trash & treasure markets, garage sales, op shops, and even the side of the road.

I can often be seen in various places around our suburb (at kids’ swimming lessons, doctor’s surgery) assembling the pieces using wire and pliers. There’s nothing like the curiosity of people with nothing else to do but wait! I find it’s great exposure and I love talking little kids through what I’m doing. They are generally fascinated and like to ‘help’!

To read Robyn's full guest blog read on by clicking here.
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Monday, 5 September 2011

It's a wrap - the ABC Gardening Australia Expo 2011

Between the 19th and 21st of August I was lucky enough to be involved in the ABC Gardening Australia Expo. What an experience!
I have done markets in the past but this was like walking into another realm.

It took me four and a half hours to set up my humble little space. It looked nothing like any of the other 'professional' stalls with their glossy photos, big displays, lighting and alike. My little stall oozed homemade-ness.
Set up was exhausting.... and that was followed by a night where I tossed and turned. I had never set up my stall and left it overnight before - I was worrying about all my little creatures out in the cold. Not helping was the huge winds and rain that pelted down at my place - I had visions of my tent flying through the expo in the middle of the night and destroying everyone else's displays!
I had no idea what was going to meet me on the first morning...

But Friday morning, the first day of the expo, came and all was ok!
Queues of green thumbs stood at the turnstiles waiting for the gates to open - and then the onslaught began! Bus loads of people arrived and my frown turned to a smile.
And so did everyone else's - I always love how when I take my critters out and about people walk past my stall and smile, some even laugh. Its nice to create such a reaction in people.

So the three days of the expo became one big blurr. 'Sculpt my Pet' was pretty much what everyone wanted to talk about; how they can get their pet 'im-metal-ised'. Gypsy, my model dog, was pulling in the crowds and doing a great job of just being cute. I have to say she did very well not to bite the many children that doinked her on the head!

The other talk of the stall was my croc (a big hit with the men when they saw the bottle tops!) and the kookaburra.
The croc was well behaved, not snapping at anyone as he was also the target of a lot of head doinking! One child even straddled him as if to ride him.... hmmmmm.

So Sunday afternoon came. Feet sore, lips cracked, head jumbled...
It was all over. Such a huge feat - not only the 4 days in setting up and being at the expo but the months of work that lead up to it. It was a huge experience - not something I would do every month, but well worth it all the same.

And to boot I got to meet a few of the ABC Gardening Australia presenters, had a laugh with them. Unfortunately they were out-starred by Shaun the Sheep and Bananas in Pyjamas.


A huge thank you to everyone who popped by to say hello... some I knew, some I had sculpted for in the past, some I will be sculpting for in the future. It's always nice to meet people in the flesh!
And an even bigger thank you to my fantastic helpers... you know who you are. Without you it wouldn't have been possible and no way as much fun!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I can fly higher than an eagle.....

Remember that song? Makes me cringe a little!

Hopefully this Eagle won't make you feel the same!
This guy has just lost the wind beneath his wings and is what I am calling 'just landed'.

I wanted to show his wings outstretched and I love the way that Eagles come into land with all their legs and talons stretched out .... almost how I look skiing actually! Then again that would be them landing on their bums!

Seriously though they are amazing creatures.
When I was in year 12 (yes I hear you say... many, many moons ago) I won the year prize for art and biology. I thought they were polar opposites back then... oh how little did I know the two would one day marry into one? Anyway the gift I got for the art prize was a book titled 'Impressionist Women', the book I got for the biology prize was titled 'Birds of Prey'. I haven't used them much... until a couple of weeks ago and the Birds of Prey book certainly, even in its faded and dusty state, came in handy.
I never really realised how different all the different raptors are and how majestic they all can be even when hunting. Its been a nice journey and who knows... with the multitude of different raptors out there I may embark on another one day. Watch this space!

In the meantime... I will probably go a little quite on this blog as far as 'revealing' sculptures go. This Eagle is my last project for a few weeks as I prepare for the upcoming ABC Gardening Expo which is on in Sydney on the 19th - 21st August. I will be taking this little fella with me to show off to all those green thumb-ers but I wont be creating any more newbies.
I will, however, be working really hard on my backlog of commissions for my 'Sculpt your Pet' project which has had an influx of orders thanks to the Waggle Canine Adventure Gear blog 'All things Dog' where my CEO (and fur child) Bart was a guest blogger.  Have a read here.

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Introducing Liquorice

I have always loved Liquorice... the eating kind.
And of late I have had a lot of reasons to think about it.

Meet the gorgeous Liquorice ~ a very cute black poodle who loves to play, especially with her frisbee.

I was lucky enough to have the honour of creating Liquorice in sculpture form. Her mum was great in telling me all about what she likes to do and how she spends her time which really helped me 'get to know her'. Then the cute photos followed - I could tell Liquorice was a very sprightly girl who loves to play but also likes a bit of pampering and the occasional bit of girly pampering with a nice old groom topped off with a bow!

Liquorice's mum really emphasised the love she has for her frisbees so what option did I have really? Of course I love to feature bits and pieces to my sculpture which show the pet's personality and this was a 'must have' piece to add. I am a bit biased but I do love it!

So the final product? A lot of fun I think....


From my own love of dogs... I understand their importance in their 'pack' so I really enjoy getting to know my subjects, finding a way to show their personalities as well as their physical features... but best of all is revealing them to their 'owners'. Such a pleasure to be able to share this all with all the wonderful people I have met who love their pets.

To see more of my 'Sculpt your Pet' projects visit the commissions page on my website by clicking here.

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Thursday, 7 July 2011

A face only a mother could love

Mother Nature has played havoc with my work this week. We have had gale force winds for most of the week and lost power for two days. It was certainly challenging in the cold weather.

So this little fella, my Anglerfish, has been waiting patiently to make his debut. He has been twiddling his thumbs (can't see them?) on my dining room table waiting.. waiting... waiting. Today he got his much awaited photo shoot and now I can share him with you all.

He doesn't have what you may call 'classic' good looks but he certainly has character.
Wondering what an Anglerfish is? Click here to see them in real life via my good 'friends' at the Australian Geographic or here to see them via google images.

Some of you may remember the Anglerfish in Finding Nemo? He left an impression on me and, after all these years, made me look into making one. He is approximately 45cm long and made from steel and has champagne cork cups for eyes.

I would love to hear what you think of this little fella. I think he needs a name... what do you think?
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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Patience young Grasshopper

Here he his... hopping along in the sun (where is the sun anyway???). My little grasshopper (or you could call him a cricket if you were that way inclined).

Those of you who know my work know that I love, love, love red! I can't get enough of it and actually have to refrain from having EVERYTHING red!
I think this is a disease... and I know there are others out there with the same affliction!

In any case red does look good in the garden and looks great against the green and brown backgrounds. It adds colour and brightens up the garden even for those 'brown thumbs' out there.

So although he is not true to life, unless someone can tell me of a red grasshopper (???), he surely is handsome.

He stands approximately 50cm tall and 60cm long and is ready to bounce!
He is made from steel and paint with wire for his antennae and a couple of sparkling cork caps for eyes!
Hop on...
You can see other creatures in my crew by visiting my website at www.sculpturebyteangi.com.au

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Where does it all begin?

A lot of people ask me "Where do you get your ideas from?". Nature is always my answer. There are so many gorgeous animals out there that I would love to make... if only there were more hours in the day.
I have a huge 'to do' list - its comprised of so many different animals I would like to portray in metal.

But how do I go from a thought to sculpture?
Well there is no exact science to it but I can give you an insight into the first 'process' that gets me started and in later posts I will take you trough the full journey.

Firstly if an animal takes my fancy I start out with research - looking at books, images, reading about the animals and, if possible, observing it in real life.
I then start to sketch. Now here's a thing... I am a sculptor not an illustrator! I don't sketch so that it looks good... I sketch to start getting a feel for the way I may design the sculpture. As I have been doing this, over time, my sketches are becoming less realistic and I am now almost missing a step and going straight to drawing the animal 'styalised' and moving towards a sculpture design.

I then continue to draw the design until I can factor in the limitations of my material (there are many!). I just keep going until I get a design I am happy with that I know will work in metal.
Sometimes it ends here... sometimes I have designed and never made, sometimes I have designed and come back to it months later to take it up again, sometimes I have designed and am making the very next day. That's why I describe what I do as 'how long is a piece of string'.

So that's my rainy, cold day work... designing, drawing and adding a little bit of luck and hope!

Here are a couple of examples of sculptures I have finished recently and how they were portrayed on paper before making their way to metal.
This little lion began with this sketch here and he pretty much ended up as he started out on paper.    

This penguin was sketched over months before I came up with the eventual design. This sketch is the final sketch before I made the end sculpture pictured.

In the future I would like to continue the 'Where does it all begin?' journey and take you from sheet metal to a semi completed sculpture 'shape'.

In the meantime if you would like to see more my my work visit my website.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The new kid on the block ~ Pelican

Here he is... my sitting, eating Pelican!
I have always been amazed by Pelicans, that they are so large yet fly so gracefully. They also seem to have a cheeky personality and an intelligence which makes them stalk fishermen and 'hang out' at boat ramps.

There are many different types of Pelicans but this sculpture is based on the Australian Pelican with his colourings and markings.

He stands at approximately 65cm tall and is around the same in length.
He is made from steel... as per usual, all hand cut, hand shaped and hand rivetted.
He is also hand painted in enamel so will, as a real pelican would, stand outside in the weather for many years to come.

To see more of my work visit www.sculpturebyteangi.com.au or send me an email by clicking here.

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to words from 'Sculpture by Teangi'. I am new at this whole blogging thing so please be patient with me as I muddle my way through the world of blog land!

I am looking forward to bringing you some insights into my work ~ what inspires me, what I do, how I create and a few funky things along the way.

I look forward to sharing with you soon.