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Unique metal sculptures handmade in Australia. Suitable for indoors and outdoors these Teangi's sculptures feature nature and animals. Teangi also creates custom pet caricatures - immortalising your pet in steel.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The new kid on the block ~ Pelican

Here he is... my sitting, eating Pelican!
I have always been amazed by Pelicans, that they are so large yet fly so gracefully. They also seem to have a cheeky personality and an intelligence which makes them stalk fishermen and 'hang out' at boat ramps.

There are many different types of Pelicans but this sculpture is based on the Australian Pelican with his colourings and markings.

He stands at approximately 65cm tall and is around the same in length.
He is made from steel... as per usual, all hand cut, hand shaped and hand rivetted.
He is also hand painted in enamel so will, as a real pelican would, stand outside in the weather for many years to come.

To see more of my work visit www.sculpturebyteangi.com.au or send me an email by clicking here.


  1. YAY!!!! I am your first follower!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Frangipani Designs... welcome and thanks for finding me!

  3. Gorgeous Pelican! Poor fish though... eternally in the jaws of death. Just kidding. Looks great!

  4. Ah Zoe... I thought that myself. But without spoiling the story, the fish gets away in the end!