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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Guest Blogger - Robyn from Focus on Art

Today I am doing something a little different... sharing is caring afterall and us artists need to stick together!
The wonders of facebook have allowed me to find Robyn from Focus on Art. I love Robyn's creations and I think you will too. So enough from me... have a read about what Robyn does, what inspires her and just a little about who she is. This is just a snippet of what Robyn has to say - if you would like to read the full blog click here.


Robyn, what is it that you do?
I make assemblage sculptures, combining household objects, with a particular interest in kitchen objects, to create owls. In recent times I’ve begun to break the owl monopoly (I’ve now made over 400 owls!) and have added a couple of elephants and a cat (clock) to my repertoire. You can expect to see more and more of these over time. Apart from the unique feel they lend to each piece, using the discarded and obsolete gives me the satisfaction of helping to extend the life of items no longer needed for their original purpose rather than creating something from newly made raw materials — our planet only has so much it can give up.

What inspires you?
I love all things round. I love repurposing items and, in most cases, try to use items I salvage ‘whole’ in my pieces. I somehow prefer that — possibly as it’s more of a challenge or perhaps because the options are then more limited (as a Libran too many choices can lead to non action.) And metal. Metal has great properties, particularly when exposed to the elements, but also in interior situations. Those outside continue to evolve and surprise: who knew that shiny tray would rust so irregularly, or that dull silver would hold it’s finish so well? The ability for a little water to do so much damage to something so solid over time is somehow magical. Water seems so gentle, harmless.

How is it that you make these designs?

For the most part I select the various body parts for my works from an array of features spread out around me. These have been collected from trash & treasure markets, garage sales, op shops, and even the side of the road.

I can often be seen in various places around our suburb (at kids’ swimming lessons, doctor’s surgery) assembling the pieces using wire and pliers. There’s nothing like the curiosity of people with nothing else to do but wait! I find it’s great exposure and I love talking little kids through what I’m doing. They are generally fascinated and like to ‘help’!

To read Robyn's full guest blog read on by clicking here.
You can also find Robyn and Focus on Art on Facebook or at her very own blog! Or.... email Robyn!
To purchase any of the sculptures in the ‘For SALE’ albums in Facebook just click on ‘Contact us’ under her profile picture.


  1. Thanks Teangi: it's fabulous. Well done for paring it down to something manageable and thanks for including the complete text for those who have the time/inclination.
    Your efforts are appreciated!!
    (I should have told you that I haven't been keeping either Etsy or MadeIt up to date -- sorry!)

  2. Gorgeous work Robyn. Thanks for sharing Teangi.