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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Gracie the Labradoodle - my latest 'Sculpt my Pet' commission

I do love to doodle... so I was lucky I got the opportunity to doodle a Labradoodle!

Recently I finished a commission for the gorgeous Gracie (pictured). Gracie is a 6 year old Labradoodle who has had health issues almost all her life. She has been very lucky to have found such a loving home as her 'pack' will stop at nothing to ensure she is happy and comfortable. Her mum even gave up her job so she could look after her - as a result the Natural Pet Store was born after Gracie's mum sought advice in natural therapies for Gracie's illness.

My CEO (and part time pet dog), Bart, has had the privellege of eating from the Natural Pet Store online store and he is very happy about it. Before finding the Natural Pet Store the postman was just fuel for a lot of barking and growling - now Bart sees that deliveries can sometimes be beneficial when food and treats arrive!

So back to the sculpture..... Gracie, due to her illness, spends a lot of time resting. So this is where the starting point had to be for me. I studied pictures of her sleeping and lazing about - this was hard as Gracie's mum also supplied some great pics of Gracie at the beach which HUGE smiles on her face! So the two came together - that gorgeous smile in a relaxed position. I hope this portrays all her beautiful characteristics.

The sculpture has ended up approximately 60cm in length and will be finding a place in Gracie's garden - the outdoor dog that Gracie's dad always wanted (as now Gracie is more than an indoor dog let me tell you!!!).

Gracie has a special place in my heart, as do all my 'Sculpt my Pet' commissions. I love to hear about their lives, albeit sometimes tough, what they like to do and how they spend play time. Its funny how many of these dogs I get to know have similar cute and funny habits as my boy Bart. Gracie and Bart both share a dislike for walking on wet grass... something that was also shared by a previous 'Sculpt my Pet' Gypsy! Aren't pets funny things? They certainly keep me amused!

I hope you like my version of the metal Gracie. I would love to hear your thoughts!


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  1. Gracie looks beautiful in real life and your sculpture. You have done a great job of her.

  2. Thanks Jackie - I haven't met her in the flesh but she certainly looks like a beautiful girl in images and an even more beautiful girl from how she is described by her 'pack'. Thanks for the comment. Teangi

  3. As always just amazing!


  4. Beautiful post Teangi. You have done such an amazing job in capturing all of Gracie's features and her beautiful smile. All this from just photos and emails. You truly are an amazing talent! Thank you so much. Deb

  5. She came through so well on both emails and images - thanks for sending me such quality pics and information... that made Gracie 'speak to me'.