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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Gidget gets im-metal-ised

Meet the gorgeous, demur Gidget.
She is the cutest of cute... but don't I say that about every dog I sculpt?  They are all very special...

Gidget is a Staffy x Bull Terrier and has a lot of love in her life ~ which is lucky as she has lived a lot of life. Gidget recently became a centenarian (in dog years... in human years she turned 13).  Appropriately Gidget celebrated her century at Centenary Park with some of her other fur buddies. 
So Gidget, being retired, spends a lot of her time lazing in the sun and sleeping. Her ball chasing days are over but she has always loved to chew on a bone and still does. Her method is similar to my dog, Bart's, method - a paw either side, a bone in the middle and life is pretty sweet!

It has been a pleasure to sculpt Gidget. She knows my work well... here she is pictured almost 2 years ago with a sheep that I made that now keeps her company in her back yard. 

So once again another little spot in my heart taken ~ this time with a girl named Gidget.

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